June 8th, 2008

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moving day tragedy

June 5, 2008:
We are in a hotel tonight. The movers left around 1 pm and the fellow who picked up the car left around 2. We cleaned for several hours, loaded up the car and the trailer, and around 6:00 we finally headed out for dinner. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and we needed food. We got Jazzy (our lovely old Great Dane) into the car and headed for a restaurant. The last three days - the packing up of the house and then loading everything into the truck were very stressful (my blood pressure shot up 25 points) and I guess it was just too much for Jazzy. When we reached the restaurant, we got out, we went to check on her before heading inside and found that she had died in the back of the car. We assume her heart just gave out. After considerable sobbing on Rhiannon's and my part, Gerry took charge, called our vet's, which was closed, but which gave emergency numbers. We took her to an animal hospital in Arlington where they will cremate her and dispose of the ashes. We knew she was old and ill, but we just didn't think she was this ill. She was nearly 11 years old which is ancient for a Great Dane, so I guess she lived a very long life, but it was a shock just the same.
This day started out really good for a moving day, but we are very sad tonight.

June 7:

This has been a very long week. We are in another hotel tonight and will be in yet another tomorrow night. Then there will be about 6 to 8 weeks in temporary housing until we can move into our new house. I am exhausted and still dealing with Jasmine's death.

How was your week?
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