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I finally have my computer back up in my new house. All the way back up. So I am finally back on LJ. Yay, me! :-)

Our trials and tribulations have been many, but we made it. The house is ours. And it is a stunner. No we aren't unpacked totally. Not yet. Not for a while. And there are certainly things we just haven't found yet. But unpacking takes time. And we need more bookcase space. Lots more. But we now have a guest room, so if anyone wants to visit things can be arranged.

Oh, yeah, we also have a new car. A Hybrid Escape. (Ford). Our Expedition is named Bruno. The Escape, who is white, is Casper. As in Casper the Eco-friendly ghost.

Oh, yeah, and I have developed an allergy (or discovered one I never knew I had). Lucky me.

Gerry and I went to Denvention two DAYS after we moved into the house. the kids did a lot of unpacking while we were gone. And yesterday we returned from Coppercon. CopperCon was sort of a convenience as Gerry needed to pop over to Phoenix to see Joe Bethancourt and since there was a nice little con going on at the same time - why not? It was alovely con. And in two weeks we are off to Conchord. Yikes, I am tired just thinking about it.
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