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Life, etc.

I know I should post here more often. But I . . . well, I just don't.

Our lives are kinda messed up right now and we are very stressed here at Casa Tyra. The Friday before Christmas Gerry was told that he would be transferred to Palmdale "as soon as the security clearances can be acquired." Now, Gerry already has a Top Secret Clearance with a Special Access addenda. All he needs is a second Special Access from whoever the customer is in Palmdale. It is now 12 weeks later and we still haven't gotten the word that the Clearances have been given. And Gerry got a 60 day layoff notice in the middle of February. By the middle of April we will be dead in the water and frankly we cannot survive a layoff financially. So stress. Big time. we don't sleep well, so we are tired on top of everything else.

Now you know why I don't post. It's too depressing to think about.

So, less depressing: we got the new Stargate: SG1 straight to DVD movie last night and watched it. I liked it! (Needed more Daniel, though.)
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