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The perfect Mother's Day

I had such a lovely Mother's Day. Very apt cards from everyone. Rhiannon made me a wonderful breakfast. Then the whole family took me out to. . .the firing range to go shooting. Guns, that is.(This was what I asked to do.) On the way we stopped at Burger King (we don't get to eat at BK much anymore as both of the ones close to us have closed.) Then on to the Bass Pro firing range. The range is in the sporting goods store. We had never been to Bass Pro before and the facility is mind boggling. It not only has a large restaurant attached to the store, but on the other side of the restaurant there's a hotel! And the store is immense. And the people there were so nice! I just loved it.

I had not fired a gun in SEVEN years so I figured I would really screw it up. Not so. I put very nearly EVERY round smack into the middle of the target. My grouping was very close and no more than 3 round were stray. And I don't think any of them actually missed completely. I was astounded, on many levels. I love my laser sight.

On the way home we stopped at Diary Queen.

It was a great day. My shoulder is killing me, but it was way worth it.
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