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Hidily Ho folks!!

I reckon it has been forever since I posted here.  Months and months.  Let's see. . . .my year so far:  went to several very good cons, got settled in my wonderful new house, puppies became dogs - and really big!  Oh, and I've lost 50 pounds.  I look and feel, well, much better. 
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My big, big puppies

Update on my puppies:

At 8 1/2 months they are ENORMOUS. Jules is easily 33+ inches at the shoulder and Gus is just a hair shorter. They have big, loud, booming voices. They are the sweetest boys, although a trifle mischievous. And they are gorgeous. I need to get some pix and post them.
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The cops came calling - but they had the wrong address

Friday, April 24, about mid-morning, with Shawn still upstairs in bed, Rhiannon and I were getting ready to head out for our walk when there was a pounding on the front door. Not nice, polite knocking, but hard, scary, pounding. I shouted, "What!!!??" I thought I sounded angry, Rhiannon says I sounded scared. I was both. We hurried to the door, and I checked through the peephole to see 5 uniformed officers with guns drawn waiting in a semi-circle around the door. I opened the door and asked (something like) "What's up, officers?" They asked Rhi and I to, "Please step out here, Ladies." You bet. I never argue with armed police. I could hear the dogs barking in the back yard. The officer who was talking asked if anyone had run into our house just now. Nope. They asked questions about the neighbors. I started shaking, and one slightly older officer said, "It's all right. You're all right. I'll explain in a minute." They had several police cars and one (or maybe two) officers were up on our stone wall walking the perimeter (That's what the dogs were barking at.)

It seems that there was an attempted home invasion down the street, and the police had been told that the perpetrator had run into our house. After some discussion, we were sent back into our house and told to stay there. You bet. Did mention that I never argue with armed men? Our walk was postponed (with option to cancel) until the cops said it was okay.

I looked out the back door and saw Jules bouncing at the officer on the wall, so I opened the door and called him in. He came right away just like he was a well trained dog. What a good boy he was. Gus, too. They stayed right beside Nans and me for the rest of the morning. A cop came by a little later to ask more questions about the neighbors. Sadly, I know almost nothing about my neighbors. There were cops on our wall for the next hour, with police cars outside the wall in the back and out front.

All-in-all, it was a very "exciting" morning. although, eventually we did go ahead and take our usual walk.
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I"m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

It's been awhile. I've been having some problems getting onto LJ. The puppies are getting huge. They are 4 months old and roughly 60 pounds each. And mischievous! And yesterday we got snowed on for the first time in their lives, which at first freaked them out, then amused them. They ran in and out of the dog door all day playing in the snow then coming in to get warm and then out again. Such silly boys.

Oh, yes, we are sort of snowed/iced in here in the Valley. All the roads out of the Valley are closed due to the weather. (The Valley = Antelope Valley.)

Anyway, Happy Hannuakah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to one and all. Happy whatever holiday you celebrate.
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Today we got two new beautiful black Great Dane puppies, both male. Julius Caesar aka "Jules" and Augustus Caesar aka "Gus Gus." Each has a white blaze on his chest. Jules' blaze is larger than Gus'.

I will attempt to upload pix as soon as we take some and as soon as I remember (or figure out again) how to do so. I'm so happy!!!
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(no subject)

I finally have my computer back up in my new house. All the way back up. So I am finally back on LJ. Yay, me! :-)

Our trials and tribulations have been many, but we made it. The house is ours. And it is a stunner. No we aren't unpacked totally. Not yet. Not for a while. And there are certainly things we just haven't found yet. But unpacking takes time. And we need more bookcase space. Lots more. But we now have a guest room, so if anyone wants to visit things can be arranged.

Oh, yeah, we also have a new car. A Hybrid Escape. (Ford). Our Expedition is named Bruno. The Escape, who is white, is Casper. As in Casper the Eco-friendly ghost.

Oh, yeah, and I have developed an allergy (or discovered one I never knew I had). Lucky me.

Gerry and I went to Denvention two DAYS after we moved into the house. the kids did a lot of unpacking while we were gone. And yesterday we returned from Coppercon. CopperCon was sort of a convenience as Gerry needed to pop over to Phoenix to see Joe Bethancourt and since there was a nice little con going on at the same time - why not? It was alovely con. And in two weeks we are off to Conchord. Yikes, I am tired just thinking about it.
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Still stuck in the hotel

So, 2 entries today. We are still sitting in a residence hotel in Palmdale, CA, waiting to close on our house. We are running out of time. But we have a plan. If we don't close by a week from this Friday, we will rent a house. Still, The stress is getting to me. I have chest pains, off and on, and some other stuff. As soon as we get settled in a house, we are both going to see a doctor. As soon as we get settled in a house.
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The coming storm

Heh - how's that for a subject line? I have been contemplating the coming election and I swear the choices just suck - even worse than usual. A green kid with almost no experience vs an old codger who isn't smart enough to watch what he says in public. And the press is like a swarm of locusts dedicated to making the election as difficult and murky as possible.

I really think the next administration will be a one termer and will probably be a moderate disaster.
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moving day tragedy

June 5, 2008:
We are in a hotel tonight. The movers left around 1 pm and the fellow who picked up the car left around 2. We cleaned for several hours, loaded up the car and the trailer, and around 6:00 we finally headed out for dinner. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and we needed food. We got Jazzy (our lovely old Great Dane) into the car and headed for a restaurant. The last three days - the packing up of the house and then loading everything into the truck were very stressful (my blood pressure shot up 25 points) and I guess it was just too much for Jazzy. When we reached the restaurant, we got out, we went to check on her before heading inside and found that she had died in the back of the car. We assume her heart just gave out. After considerable sobbing on Rhiannon's and my part, Gerry took charge, called our vet's, which was closed, but which gave emergency numbers. We took her to an animal hospital in Arlington where they will cremate her and dispose of the ashes. We knew she was old and ill, but we just didn't think she was this ill. She was nearly 11 years old which is ancient for a Great Dane, so I guess she lived a very long life, but it was a shock just the same.
This day started out really good for a moving day, but we are very sad tonight.

June 7:

This has been a very long week. We are in another hotel tonight and will be in yet another tomorrow night. Then there will be about 6 to 8 weeks in temporary housing until we can move into our new house. I am exhausted and still dealing with Jasmine's death.

How was your week?
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